A RT BROKERAGE | Buying and Selling...

We support our clients in selling and buying works of art. We work at the first and second art market. We can assist our clients in the purchase of important paintings by famous artists of the past as well as contemporary established and emerging artists.

A RT APPRAISAL | We make it Safe and Easy

If you are the owner or you want to buy fine art and interested in finding out more about the value of the artworks feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

The artwork will be appraised by professional art experts and you will receive an Art Appraisal Report.

I NVESTMENT CONSULTING | Fine Art is Fine Investment.

The global art market is blooming with last year’s sales reaching 42bn US $. Purchase and resale fees when buying and selling art can be as 15%. But investing in art has considerable risks and high costs. Depot Gallery give you the value for money opportunity to invest in Art in European.

R ESTORATION + CONSERVATION | Uninjured and Afordable.

Getting your painting restored can mean many things. Restoration includes repairing paintings that have suffered paint loss, weakened canvas ,tears, water damage, fire damage, and insect damage. We cooperate with experienced conservators. We will stabilize the original artwork and integrate any repairs in order to preserve the artist’s original intent.

E MERGING ARTISTS | Scouting and Promotion.

We scout young and emerging artists from Europe and we organize exhibitions, publish catalogs, sell and purchase the artworks of young eminent artists. We believe that purchasing paintings of emerging and talented artists you bet for a good investment Your Artist after 10 years may be in bloom and your painting will be selling in times more expensive. It’s still possible to collect without having a lot of money.


Depot Gallery organizes solo and group exhibitions of paintings , sculptures, photos and others art work of European Artists. An exhibition can take place at our premises in Athens, or in affiliated Galleries in Paris, London, Berlin, Mexico City and Miami.